Colleen Pencils

Dream in Color



Use our pencils to practice essential techniques like hatching, stippling, tonal sketching, blending, layering, and accent lines. Colleen pencils are great for learning new skills.


Put the fun back into pencils. Use our sets for doodling, coloring books, sketching ideas. Take our compact double-sided set outside and have fun with an endless selection of subjects.


Unleash your imagination and create original artwork. Colleen pencils will be your trusty sidekick and allow you to focus on the art. Follow the inspiration wherever you are.

Colleen pencils deliver impressive blending, shading, and layering results at a very affordable price.

P. Johnston

I've been looking for a large but compact set of good pencils that can travel with me. The search is over.

Petra K.

I love the rich pigment, the creamy, silky feeling, and the impressive color palette of the 785 set.

Sally Pareto